Madison County Conservative Caucus™
What We Do
Identify conservative candidates and help get them elected into office.
Hold those conservative candidates
accountable once sworn into office.
Protect our County.
We are not affiliated with any political party or candidate.
We will only support a candidate who believes in restoring republicanism and identifies unequivocally as a strong, principled, constitutional conservative first, before party affiliation.
The Madison County Conservative Caucus™ is a county chapter of America's Conservative Caucus™, a registered political action committee, (PAC) dedicated to restoring constitutional republicanism by supporting and electing Conservative First™ candidates.
Paid for by Madison County Conservative Caucus.™
To issue taxpayer positions, propose candidates and ballot initiatives that support our vision, Insure our elected representatives are servants of the Constitution and the people of Madison County; in that order, by holding them accountable to their promises.
That conservatives of Madison County, of all parties, have a home to express the political freedom to uphold the values of the Constitution as conservative patriots; namely: less government, lower taxes, and the pursuit of happiness in what we believe is the greatest county, of the greatest state, of the greatest nation, under God.
We can't do this without you. Please invest your time and/or whatever financial support you feel led to.